Community Service – Giving Back

Volunteering and giving back to your community can be incredibly rewarding, and a life-changing experience. Spending time enriching your community is a great way to broaden your perceptions of the world. By surrounding yourself with people who are dedicated to bettering the world, you can learn so much about how the world works. You gain a unique sense of purpose by serving those around you; one of which often manifests in other areas of your life.

Helping Hands Resource Group

This non-profit was created to give back to our community, through financial literacy & homebuying workshops. We strive to make a difference in our under-served communities. It’s very important that we address the major issue with the economic disparities in our urban communities. 

The Natural Way Birthing Project

This non-profit was created to give back to our community, through childbirth, lactation education and social services programs in efforts to reduce maternal and infant mortality in Tarrant County and the surrounding, Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area. Also providing skills training to aspiring doulas and professionals in the perinatal care field.

Our two non-profits have partnered with the CDC Foundation & local community outreach organizations: offering Covid -19 preparedness training, Childbirth education, Doula training and Homebuying & Financial Literacy Awareness. We look forward to continuing our efforts to serve our community.  

Stay tuned for upcoming events!